STARTS FEB 9, 2024

By Mary Kathryn Nagle
Directed by Shannon R. Davis

February 9-March 10

March 5-10


1 hour, 45 minutes
There will be no intermission.


Intimate. Informed. Indefatigable.

A young Lenape woman, Jane Snake, returns to her ancestral homeland, Manahatta, to work as a securities  trader on Wall Street – the once walled street built by enslaved Africans to keep the Indigenous Lenape out. Set against the backdrop of the Occupy Wall Street movement and across time, Manahatta draws parallels between the forced removal, taxation, and fiscal impact on Native Americans during the 2008 financial crisis and the 1626 Dutch purchase of the island of Manahatta/Manhattan. Playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle (a citizen of the Cherokee Nation), teases the duality in Jane as she seeks to uncover her complicity in infrastructure designed to destroy her people; Jane’s career is thriving on “the island of many hills” (Manahatta in Lenape), while back home in Oklahoma, her mother and sister are grieving the loss of family, and struggling to maintain their culture, language, and their finances to stay in their over-mortgaged home.


“Fascinating and provocative.”
-New Haven Review


Explore the program for Manahatta online!



 Community Partner

For Manahatta, Aurora is thrilled to partner with mak-'amham/Cafe Ohlone, whose latest iteration, ‘oṭṭoytak, is located outside the Hearst Museum at UC Berkeley. Cafe Ohlone, the only Ohlone restaurant in the world, opened with two goals: to provide a physical space for their Ohlone people to be represented in the culinary world with a curated space that represents their living culture; and to educate the public, over Ohlone cuisine, in a dignified, honest manner about the original and continuous inhabitants of this land. Learn more at



Post Show Discussions
Please join us for a discussion of Aurora's production of Manahatta by Mary Kathryn Nagle, hosted after the show on the select days listed below. Discussions will be led by Aurora staff or members of the Creative Team, who may be joined by the actors, director, community members, or local storytellers.


Community Night
Friday, February 23
Indigenous Community Night

Join us and honored guest Kathleen Grace, Ohlone healer and speaker, as we acknowledge and celebrate the resilience of our local Native communities.

6:30pm - Pre-Show Reception with presentation by Kathleen Grace
8:00pm - Manahatta by Mary Kathryn Nagle
Post-Show Discussion with Kathleen Grace

All are welcome to this pre-show reception, but tickets are required to attend the performance.



Aurora INsights
Saturday, March 2 at 4pm
Restoring the Chochenyo Language

Join Cafe Ohlone founders Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino as they discuss their vital work in the ongoing preservation and restoration of their Chochenyo language - the indigenous language of the East Bay - and how through this work, they are able to “correct outdated stereotypes and misinformation that have lingered for far too long, while simultaneously teaching truths of our living culture, history, and unbroken, permanent relationship with the East Bay.”

Aurora INsights is a moderated panel and discussion offered to our donors of any level to continue the conversations inspired by the themes of our 2023/2024 Season. To learn more about this program and other donor benefits, visit



Production Photots by Kevin Berne