Testimonials for Aurora


Praise for Aurora Theatre Company

"The intimacy of a small theater makes you feel like you're right there with the actors."

– P.Y.

"I always love attending shows at Aurora--you never fail to impress. Such a little theatre for such big talent!"

– Annalise B., Berkeley

"Great theatre. intimate space. Nice neighborhood, lots of restaurants to try and make a complete evening out."

- K.B.

"I like the small cozy feeling of the theatre. And the feeling of being almost part of the play. The sound and visual effects are really well made and always moving!"

- Alizee M., Berkeley

"I like the small stage at Aurora Theatre; it lets people sit close to the stage no matter where they are seated. The small scale theatre is much more intimate and intense than large venues."

- Brian F., Alameda

"Easy to get to by BART."

- Rachel K., Oakland


"It is an interesting work that plays on many levels and was in no way predictable."

– James G., Palo Alto

"As usual, the production values, acting, and direction were excellent."

– Sharon & Michael M., Hayward

"Loved the intimacy, the acting and the way the space was used so efficiently."

– Susan G., Scottsdale, AZ

"I loved the thought provoking facts about the economic crisis and what people go through, both psychological and materialistic. Also material stuff does not always make you happy! Loved the energy of excess as a result of not being in control of the larger economic picture and the searing away of superficial lives."

– Maeve M., San Francisco

"Superb script..."

– Ada B., Oakland

"It was a hoot! The intensity, timing and energy of some of the scenes were tooooo right on and at the same time the resolution was bittersweet and somehow it all worked! Follow your bliss!"

– J.M. & M.M

"The acting was superb. The writing was intriguing. I've found myself thinking about it afterward. What would I have done in that situation? I love it that there was a healing flavor at the end."

– Anne E., Oakland

"I thought it was terrific. I've seen half a dozen shows at Aurora over the last 3 or 4 years, and this was the best. Very relevant material (loss of the American dream; decline of the middle class), beautifully written, well directed, excellent acting. A wonderful night at the theater."

– Matthew K., San Francisco

"Oh gawd!!! It knocked my socks off! During the first 5 minutes I groaned at the thought of being stuck with watching 4 shallow self-destructive idiots blunder around their stupid lives. But it was a vivid, unforgettable portrait of people outside my ken and my everyday experience. You should invite politicians and medical people who try to "help.""

– Carole H., Davis

"Best thing we've seen at Aurora this season. Great choice of material, and excellent staging."

– M.K.

"I enjoyed Detroit! I thought it was a virtuoso acting performance with an interesting and well-written play. Some of the other old ladies there were upset by the use of 'bad' language and 'all that yelling', but I thought it was an insightful glance at modern life, which we old ladies have to come to terms with as that is our world now."

– L.M.


Talley's Folly

"Beautiful and moving - perfectly cast and directed - memorable evening."

- C.M.

"Wonderful chemistry between the actors. Amazing and powerful performance. "

- C.G.

"Outstanding acting performance. Beautifully written play."

- D.W.

"I laughed and cried simultaneously, and don't remember having being this involved in the play in a while (and I go to live theatre a lot)."

- K.F.

"Performances were outstanding and I loved feeling like I was sitting in the boathouse. It doesn't get better."

- A.B.


The Lyons

"Dynamic performances from the entire cast."

- J.E.

"...very funny and very clever"

- BB

"Loved every minute of it"

- K.L.

"Wonderful acting, superb timing."

- B.N.

"Loved it! One of my favorite plays! Superb acting, humorous, fun. Couldn't have been better!"

- A.C.


Breakfast with Mugabe

"Informative, exhilarating, thought provoking!"

– D.M.

"Excellent production in all respects."

– Harold S., Sacramento

"Thoughtful, compelling, interesting."

– B.P.

"Excellently written and very absorbing."

– J.H.

"Compelling, tense, insightful."

– A.D.

"The actors caught the language/tensions with skill and grace. Left me shivering."

– B.B.

"The actors were sensational."

– Kevin E., Davis

Rapture, Blister, Burn

"Compelling, intellectual, discussion-driven, and well-acted."


"Thought provoking, relevant, and engrossing"

-Dora-Thea P., Alamo

"Whip smart, energizing and very funny."


"Compelling, intellectual, discussion-driven, and well-acted."

-Elizabeth J., San Francisco

"Excellent play. Thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the best performances I've seen in a while."


"Hilarious, educational, energetic-actors!!!"

-Schuyler B., Berkeley


"This is the type of theater that we subscribe to Aurora to see. The play was clever, interesting subject matter, and very well acted."


"Love the small theatre. I've attended plays in other similar spaces but they're usually more ad-hoc, low-end. But mostly I liked the high-quality of the play: script, performances, set and costumes (right balance between minimal and interesting detail)."

–Liz D., Mountain View

"THE PLAY WAS GREAT - script, performances, direction, everything! "

Mary-Kay G., Sonoma

"The script was amazing... the acting, wonderful; the sets were great and even the sound effects and cues were extremely well done."

–Kenneth A., Antioch

"I sat on the aisle and 'Hamlet' spoke to me!"


"This was a really brilliant show. I was amazed by everything about it. Amazing script, great casting, directing, staging and acting. I can't think of a single thing that wasn't perfect."


"Great script. Extremely clever. Very entertaining. Beautifully acted. Would see it again."


"Wittenberg is to Hamlet what Wicked is to Wizard of Oz. A must see for anyone who grew up Lutheran."

–Mike M., Gilroy

"Great performances/intriguing concept/keeps your interest and provides lots to think about afterwards."

– K.B.

The Letters

"I like the intimate setting, the stadium seating, the acoustics are good. I like the new addition."

- L.K.

"This was an intimate performance with great build that was perfect for this space."

- Karen D., Novato

"Our first time at your theatre. We were impressed with all aspects; it is one of the best acting performance we have seen since we moved here last summer!"

- S.M.

"The writing, acting and staging were all wonderful. I really like to see performances in intimate settings."

- Linda I., Concord

"Astonishing! Excellent, rich script. Brilliant acting. I have talked about it constantly since I saw the play."

- Donna D., Berkeley

"Riveting. Compelling. Scary."

- Marilyn & David N., Berkeley

"It was a brilliant play, brilliantly performed. Casting was perfect."

– Carol H., Davis

A Bright New Boise

"No Exit meets Twin Peaks with an evangelical twist."

-Nancy, Oakland

"Excellent play - well written, beautifully acted and funny!"


"Really well acted, great character studies, interesting exploration of faith, family, and life in America."

-Tim, Oakland

"...intense and very well constructed..."

-Beverly, Oakland

"...a very worthwhile performance."


After the Revolution

" Best play I've seen in years."


"...remarkably fine cast...crafty direction."


"Well-written and intellectually engaging."


"I was hooked soon after the play started."

- C.W.

"...Herzog's dialogue was authentic, the actors world class..."

- B.K.

This Is How It Goes

"I was blown away by the show last night. Still playing it over in my head. (And I've never been much of a LaBute fan, to be honest. Don't like a lot of his other work.) The cast was super."

- Nancy C.

"This Is How It Goes will go down in history as one of the best productions of 2013."

- Grace M.

"Maybe because Neil Labute hung with the Mormons, he has incisive sense of how morality, and even reality, are slippery concepts. His rigor is a challenge. Fantastic performers and production at the Aurora."


"Attended today's performance. Riveting!!! Writing and acting were superb. First time at this theater and won't be my last."


The Arsonists

"Fantastic! A wonderful show on all fronts - performance, production, story. Thought provoking, smart, wildly creative and beautifully staged. Slick and quirky at the same time."

- Trish M., Berkeley

"A spectacular, haunting performance that is even more relevant now in light of the Boston Marathon bombings. The explosive finality seared horror into my imagination."

- Andre W., Hercules

"The play, itself, was outstanding! The message could not be more timely. The play was very well acted and could not have been better presented. The production got the message across!! It is for the above reasons that I have and will continue to subscribe to Aurora!"

Peter H., Berkeley

"The Arsonists was an outstanding performance and would recommend it to anyone. The acting, the staging and the play were was excellent - in fact, one of the best my husband and I have seen. I cannot say enough good things about Aurora and have encouraged friends to subscribe."

- K.G., Oakland

Our Practical Heaven

"I was impressed. The story itself resonated with me. The cast of 6 women was uniformly good--each actress held her place on stage beautifully. What a joy!"

- Antonia H., North Richmond

"We live in Berkeley and attend all Aurora productions and almost always enjoy them thoroughly. This was no exception. I loved the family drama of the play and the actors were excellent, as usual."

- Barbara L., Berkeley

"It was wonderful. It had me laughing and in tears at the same time at certain parts of the play. I thought the modern theme, along with the depiction of the generations, was something I could entirely relate to. My son was with me, also enjoyed it, and we spoke about our own lives relative to the play afterwards. A wonderful experience."

- C.F., Castro Valley

Wilder Times

"PHENOMENAL! An incredible cast, direction, all of the design elements, wrapped around 4 beautiful, heartbreaking, funny & poignant stories. I loved the performances, and the commitment from the actors to their characters and each other on stage, is what truly sold me on Wilder's stories, most of all."

- Leanne R., San Francisco

"Excellent performance of interesting plays . We can always judge the effect by our conversation afterwards and the good performance and direction of wilder times had us talking all the way back to San Jose."

- Richard H., Santa Clara

"WONDERFUL! The little man should be jumping out of his chair, jumping higher than ever before!"

-Carol L., Berkeley

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