Program advertising

Why you need to advertise with Aurora Theatre Company:


  • Our annual attendance is over 29,000.
  • 71% of our audience members have a college degree and 42% have graduate degrees.
  • 45% of our audience have an annual household income of over $100,000.


  • Our professionally-designed and locally-printed programs provide a high quality vehicle to showcase your ad.
  • Advertising space is competitively priced and reaches the same market as larger, more expensive arts organizations.
  • Theatrical programs are read in detail before the show starts, referenced frequently during the show and intermission, and kept as souvenirs after the event.


  • Aurora provides a nurturing environment for theatre artists and artisans to produce and develop plays that place a high value on substance, intelligence, and craft. We strive to enrich the lives of our audience by producing high-quality, thought-provoking work that shines in an intimate setting.

If you would like information about advertising in Aurora Theatre Company programs, please contact Pamela Webster at or download our media kit.

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