What. The Hell. Is HAPPENING?

A Stand Up Comedy Hour with Katie Rubin

STARTS NOV 30, 2018


General Admission tickets: $30 / $27 for subscribers 
Run Time: Approximately 60 minutes, without intermission

In this, her fourth hour of Stand Up Comedy, Katie turns her keen eye on Consciousness itself, Humanity, and the arrogant notion that humanity's consciousness matters. At all. To anyone. While making us hurt with laughter, Katie will also destroy our notions of what it means to "wake up," "be a feminist" and "eat well." "Is Daenerys Targaryen the answer to Brett Kavanaugh?" she wonders aloud. Do testicles prove the presence of aliens among us on the earth today? Is Diet Coke... the answer?

Katie's laser sharp wit burns holes through all things bullshit. She tackles every spiritual lie, every emotional lie, and every lie of the mind. She promises to shock and shake you into fits of blissful laughter on topics such as: the toxic masculine, the "president," general human idiocy, annoying spirtitual people, overly feminized guys, overly macho guys, high tech dildos, being the child of an alcoholic, being a loud spiritual lady, judgment, and most importantly, this whole "being a person" thing.

This is a comedy show unlike other comedy shows. Together with Katie we will laugh-ponder "What. The Hell. Is HAPPENING?"
Please note: What. The Hell. Is HAPPENING? is a festival seating performance. Seats are on a first-come, first-served basis when you arrive at the theatre. Doors open one half hour before the performance.