Our Mission

As the storyteller for our community, Aurora Theatre Company inspires both new audiences and longtime theatre lovers with the visceral power of live theatre. The Bay Area's finest theatre artists bring local authenticity to our profoundly relevant stories. Our venues, the most intimate professional stages in the Bay Area, highlight great acting, nuanced language, and an immediacy that makes for exhilarating theatre. Aurora Theatre Company is building a new culture of theatregoing in the Bay Area and a revitalization of theatre nationwide, challenging all of us to think deeper, laugh louder, and engage more purposefully and profoundly with our neighbors and our world.


Our Commitment to the Community
At Aurora, we believe that theatre belongs to everyone. We ask that our staff, our artists, and our audience work together to make all people feel welcome here.


Here's how you can help us support this commitment:

 Be respectful of others. 

Avoid making assumptions about people based on age, race, gender, religion, disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, or any other status or characteristic.

Remember that making comments or asking questions about the factors listed above -- even with good intentions -- can have a harmful impact. This is especially true about factors that have been connected with marginalization.

Avoid giving any kind of uninvited or unwanted physical contact or sexual attention, including sexual comments, jokes, and innuendos. 

Be an ally. If you witness behavior that appears to be making someone feel unwelcome, say something. Let us know what's going on. 

Please let us know if you feel marginalized in any way.  We take all such issues seriously and will do our best to address such concerns in a timely, respectful, and conscientious manner.

We have all kinds of people on our stage, behind the scenes, on our staff, and in our audience, and Aurora belongs to all of us.

Thank you for being part of the Aurora family!