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Up Next: 1984

performances start November 10

By George Orwell
Adapted by Michael Gene Sullivan
Directed by Barbara Damashek

Intimate. Insidious. Intense.

Adapted from George Orwell by the Bay Area's own Michael Gene Sullivan, 1984 is a ferocious and provocative retelling of the prescient and iconic novel. Big Brother's surveillance state seeks to control not just our bodies but our minds as well, reaching into every corner of our lives. Accused of Thoughtcrime, Winston Smith faces an interrogation that will reveal his struggle for scraps of love and freedom in a world awash with paranoia and violence. Can the yearning for freedom be extinguished? Or is our shared humanity more powerful than any forces of repression? Experience the novel come to life with shocking relevance in this brilliant adaptation on the Aurora stage.


"This adaptation is multi-layered, intense, and disturbing – exactly how it should be." 
-The South China Morning Post


Intimate. Inclusive. Inspiring. Get IN.

Aurora Theatre Company is a place where our community’s artists bring us together for a collective act of shared imagination, the conjuring of a story that can only happen right here and right now.

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BORN WITH TEETH ends its run at Aurora today! Congratulations to all cast, crew, and creatives who were involved with this phenomenal show, and thank you to all who joined our audience.

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Our last two in-person performances of BORN WITH TEETH are sold out, but you can still catch the stream at home through tomorrow!

Get Tickets: tickets.auroratheatre.org
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You have three more days to catch BORN WITH TEETH in person or streaming at home before Will and Kit must bid their fond farewell - join us this weekend!

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