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The Incrementalist

Award-winning playwright Cleavon Smith (The Flats, an Aurora audio drama) was named Aurora’s Originate+Generate 2021 commissioned artist. In Smith’s world premiere play, Thomas, a highly regarded public intellectual and author, is brought to the University of California at Berkeley campus to help facilitate conversations concerning extrajudicial police violence. A member of the UCB Black Student Union was violently beaten by an officer while peacefully protesting and the students find themselves rejecting Thomas’ middle-ground, #NotAllCops rhetoric. Miriam and Raz, leaders of the BSU, want immediate action, radical reform, and are sick-and-tired of having to rely on a corrupt system for justice. Nina, the Vice Chancellor of the University, is caught between the demands of the students to shut Thomas down, and loyalty to Thomas, her dearest friend from graduate school.

Cleavon Smith is a “Rock star local playwright.”

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Aurora Connects Season 4

Theatre is all about connection. While the measures we're all taking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are necessary to save lives, they're also leaving us isolated at a time when we need human connection more than ever. At Aurora, there's not much we can do to directly address the pandemic, but even with our stage dark it remains our role to make connections between artists and audiences.

Aurora Connects is our monthly live broadcast featuring interviews with Aurora artists, important members of our community, and more. We stream Aurora Connects live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, allowing you to react, comment, ask questions, and engage in real-time. Have suggestions for Aurora Connects? Let us know what you want to see.

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AURORA CONNECTS Season 4 Episode 6 | Pivots in Pandemic Producing

Tomorrow on Aurora Connects, Josh and Dawn are joined by TheatreWorks Silicon Valley Artistic Director Tim Bond and Barbara Hogden, Executive Director at the New Conservatory Theatre Center for an episode about pivots in producing theatre during a pandemic. We'll learn about each company and, setting aside covid, our guests' vision for them. We'll learn how TWSV and NCTC are handling omicron and how covid has impacted or changed our guests' visions for their companies. We'll ask our guests what they see happening in the near future for their companies and for the theatre industry, and what long-term changes they see happening due to this pandemic.

Join us TOMORROW at 5 p.m. for Aurora Connects!

Watch: https://bit.ly/AuroraConnectsS4E6

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